MT2492 feedback resistor calculator

Select the ideal feedback resistors for your DC converter circuit. This tool helps you adjust the output voltage of a MT2492 DC/DC converter. Experiment with combinations of up to three resistors, enhancing precision in voltage regulation.

Vout =
Resistor series:

Datasheet note:

The external resistor divider is used to set the output voltage. The feedback resistor R1 also sets the feedback loop bandwidth with the internal compensation capacitor. Choose R1 to be around 100kΩ for optimal transient response. R2 is then given by:

R2 = R1 / ( Vout / Vfb - 1 )

DC/DC Converter:MT2492
Step-down type 2A
Input Range:4.50V - 16.00V
Output Range:1.25V - 14.75V
Manufacturer Part #MT2492
ManufacturerXI'AN Aerosemi Tech
Formula Vout =0.6 * (1 + R1 / R2)
Recommended R1100000