TPS543x feedback resistor calculator

Texas Instruments TPS5430, TPS5431

Select the ideal feedback resistors for your DC converter circuit. This tool helps you adjust the output voltage of a TPS543x DC/DC converter. Experiment with combinations of up to three resistors, enhancing precision in voltage regulation.

Vout =
Resistor series:

Datasheet note: Output Voltage Set-Point The output voltage of the TPS5430 is set by a resistor divider ( R1 and R2 ) from the output to the VSENSE pin. Calculate the R2 resistor value for the output voltage of 5 V using Equation 12:

R2 = ( R1 x 1.221 ) / ( Vout - 1.221 )

For any TPS5430 design, start with an R1 value of 10 kΩ. R2 is then 3.24 kΩ.

DC/DC Converter:TPS543x
Texas Instruments TPS5430, TPS5431
Step-down 3A Adjustable
Input Range:5.50V - 36.00V
Output Range:1.22V - 31.32V
Manufacturer Part #TPS5430DDAR
ManufacturerTexas Instruments
Formula Vout =R1 * 1.221 / R2 + 1.221
Recommended R110000