XL1509-ADJ feedback resistor calculator

XLSEMI XL1509-ADJE1, UMW (Youtai Semiconductor) XL1509-ADJ

Select the ideal feedback resistors for your DC converter circuit. This tool helps you adjust the output voltage of a XL1509-ADJ DC/DC converter. Experiment with combinations of up to three resistors, enhancing precision in voltage regulation.

Vout =
Resistor series:

Datasheet note:

Select R1 to be approximately 1K, use a 1% resistor for best stability. C1 and CFF are optional; in order to increase stability and reduce the input power line noise, CIN and C1 must be placed near to PIN1 and PIN5~8; For output voltages greater than approximately 10V, an additional capacitor CFF is required.

DC/DC Converter:XL1509-ADJ
XLSEMI XL1509-ADJE1, UMW (Youtai Semiconductor) XL1509-ADJ
Step-down 2A Adjustable
Input Range:4.50V - 40.00V
Output Range:1.19V - 38.50V
Manufacturer Part #XL1509-ADJE1
Formula Vout =1.23 * (1 + R2 / R1)
Recommended R11000